What lies beneath

I fear I live in an environment where even polar bears run for cover. Ugh! It’s surprising how the weather here chooses to torment us – where one day it’s only -2C, then the next, -20C with a windchill that brings it up to -35C. Brrrrr!!!! My ears turned into frozen blocks on my head.

Thankfully, I have a woodstove in my home and trust me when I say, there is NO heat like wood heat. Just sayin’…

Movin’ right along.

Armed with another picture compliments of my son, Jay, who is really good at finding images that stir my imagination! He and I knocked around some really cool impressions. I get eighteen minutes with this incredible image, so here goes:

Secrets…buried deep in these walls, like a township of lies piggybacking upon one another. 
Arrogance, so deep and dark in the belief that no one sees the city of deception, fools no one.
Yet, it remains…festering and growing.
Beautiful in appearance, yet putrid and decaying just beneath the surface, harbouring fear and rage and loneliness.
The winds of time blast the fragile formation, tearing it apart fragment by fragment.
Particles like old, ragged scars against the bluest of skies.
No lessons learned.
No deviation.
No atonement.
Just indifference…

I have to admit, I’m really enjoying these exercises! Tomorrow — 20 minutes.


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