Remember, no more

I can’t help but wonder if my cat, Xena, is a little bonkers. I’ve always kinda known she was a little odd, I mean, she drinks water from her kitty bowl with her toe…I kid you not! She dips her toe into her dish and licks off the water droplits.


If you follow my work, then you’ll understand why I patterned “Buttons” the cat in Pretty Pretty after Xena — there are a few similarities….uh huh…

Anyhoo, I messed up the times of my writing exercises, so I’ve adjusted that in my previous blogs. So, I was able to spend 20 minutes with my assignment. I think I actually took longer…but it’s all good… šŸ˜® My imagination went wild with this picture — a whole story could evolve from the image. For now, I’ll settle for what I came up with for this exercise:

A fine mist settles over dark, dank pillars of crumbling stone.
A canopy of foliage encroaches, creeping forward to devour its prey and obliterate the atrocities of days gone by.
An eerie silence hangs heavy in thick, pungent air.
Like bones of a great prehistoric beast, the ancient structure juts out, ragged and brokenā€¦reaching for the heavens that abandoned it.
A vile darkness hangs, scorching the earth, marring remnants of a former majestic beauty.
Blood stains these sacred stonesā€¦where steel crossed steel and shattered flesh and bone.
The tears of angels do not touch this placeā€¦as evil resides hereā€¦its breath wretched of death and decay.
A cold emptiness permeates the soul of those who enter, and strip the mind of reason.
Let the demons lay undisturbedā€¦for they know no mercy.
Let the bowels of earth take back into itself the fallen.
And let us remember this place no more.

These exercises have been amazingly helpful, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who has found themselves out-of-touch with their inner writer. šŸ˜®

And, yup, you guessed it — 22 minutes!


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