Pure heart

So, today, I kept having this feeling that someone was watching me and every time I turned around, there was my cat, Xena! She just sits there and stares at me. Okay, I think I mentioned my kitty’s a little strange. So get this, I literally have a conversation with my little creeper and she gives me total attitude! With a flick of her tail, she stalks off, leaving me to wonder who’s crazier — my lil stalker, or me for trying to get into the head of a feline — not a pretty sight. Just sayin’…

Since my last post, I worked on the edits a friend made to my second book. I have to admit that I was pleased that the tracked changes were minimal. I need to do a read thru now to see how well the changes flow, but so far it’s looking good!

I kept thinking about my writing exercise today. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so I searched thru a bunch of images for one that would grab me. As I looked at each image, I realized that I’m really rather likin’ the fantasy genre. The genre is kind of a stretch for me, which is something else these exercises have taught me — I do all right when I push myself out of my comfort zone. Here’s my latest:

Moonlight presses hard against tightly crossed branches
Weak tendrils of light find victory only to get smothered by vapour coiling angrily across uneven terrain.
Whispers hiss from shadows; filled with both despair and rage.
Darkness solidifies, reaching out from crumbling masonry with bony fingers.
Fear resonates, stinking of brimstone.
Horror rises like bile, scorching and vile.
Walls hide, but do not contain the blasphemous ugliness.
Unceasing fires burn, but fail to destroy such evil.
Only one, pure of heart, will crumble both stone and spire and expose the cursed to the light that it so fears.

Book time tomorrow. Gonna be great!

Ummm, okay…my little creeper is back again…


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