Yup, my crazy lil kitty is at it again. She’s a demanding little thing, especially when it comes to her food and water. Whenever we eat, Xena eats, so, while we’re eating breakfast, the lil diva decided her water dish wasn’t fresh enough. She meowed, rubbed our legs, tried to stare us down, but we ignored her. Not one to be ignored, she jumped up onto a perch that allows her to see out the kitchen window and proceeded to lick the frost on the window…wow…needless to say, I freshened her water dish.

Anyway, I discovered that my netbook’s MS Office was only a trial version…ugh. I mean, it did warn me that the trial was coming to an end. Said some features would be unavailable…ummm, really?? The only feature that works is the window that allows you to purchase the “full version”. Okay, so I’m thinking my idea of “some” and theirs must obviously be QUITE different. So, I wasn’t able to work on my book last night. KC was not happy.

I did, however, find a new image to write about. Yay! Check it out:

Roiling mist swirls around tree roots jutting raggedly from a dark, thick, mossy base. Sharp, earthy scents hover, mocking the senses. A dream-like state, eerily manifests itself with a headiness that makes one question one’s sanity. Silence presses down with suffocating intent. Pinpoints of light battle with gloom for dominance. The ground feels like a living, breathing entity, moving with each step. He returns here…over and over. He needs to see her, if only in his mind. His heart, broken and bloodied. Why hadn’t he said the things he should have? Regret burns like acid. Taken too soon. No more time. No rewind. A final chapter, remains unwritten…

I love how things evolve when I’m writing. When I started to write my impression of this image, it changed in mid-type and just…became. Awesome!


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