All that remains

Okay, old man winter is seriously getting on my nerves. It was -41C with the windchill today. On the way to the bus this morning, I had icicles hanging off my eyelashes and the rubber soles on my boots turned hard and I was slipping all over the ice. I REALLY don’t like winter…I’m just sayin’… It’s days like today that make me wanna pack up and head to Jamaica for good!

Have I mentioned previously that I LOVE Jamaica?? Okay, maybe once or twice.

So, my son, Jay, really liked my previous writing exercise — liked that it was different. He sent me a very cool image with the challenge: “Let’s see what you come up with on this one, this is a handful.” Hmmmm…what to do….what to do…

I fear the worst.

On their knees, my comrades pray to whatever Gods still remain. I find no comfort in their words.

I turn my filthy, blood-spattered face toward the heavens. The dawning light chokes and sputters in a dismal, sepia-coloured sky, taking with it the faint, flickering hope in my heart.

The earth, soggy and saturated with the blood of our fallen brothers, gives beneath our feet with a grotesque sucking sound. The screams of the dying chill me to the bone.

Walls of our once great city lay in shattered ruins all around us. Neighbouring cities turn their backs on us, for what had we done to bring such wrath down upon our heads.

We are all that remain.

The high-pitch howl of gulraths send shivers up and down my spine. Gulraths -massive beasts that moved upon hind legs and knuckles, like great apes. Hideous spikes protrude from distorted spines, rows upon rows of razor-like teeth and claws that could rip a man in two. The ground shudders as they near.

I flex my trembling fingers on the hilt of my battered sword. What good is steel against warlocks. I see the lighted tips of their staffs in the distance – too many to count.

Weak with hunger and no rest. The few against the many. Steel against magic and beast.

Yes, I fear the worst…

I can honestly say that a whole story could come from this image, Jay! Thank you so much for this one! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. šŸ˜®


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