Sweet revenge

I am a huge fan of the Angry Birds game on my iPhone, so my son bought for me the plushies for all the characters. He actually ordered them for Christmas, but they were on back order and only just arrived! They’re very popular lil guys. I’m so excited!!

Check ’em out! Love it!!

Okay, let’s get to the writin’!

The night lay heavy. Twin moons sparked brightly, almost blasphemous against an ebony sky. The seascape, strangely calm, lapped gently at the toes of his jackboots. The leather of his gloved hands creaked as he gripped the hilt of his heavy sword tightly against his thigh. His heart thundered beneath his ribcage. His breath quickened.

How long had it been since he’d seen those very spires cutting sharply into the clouds? Since he’d lain next to the woman who claimed his heart? Since he’d held his son? A lifetime ago…

Yet the rage in his soul was fresh; cultivated daily, hourly, every second that the blood coursed through his veins. He braced himself for the images that scored his brain and blurred his vision…their screams for him…their life’s blood at his feet…the inhuman cries that ripped from his throat…

All that was good in him died with them, and in its place a darkness was born.

He turned and looked at the men behind him, their faces stark in the moonlight. Horses stamped and snorted and pawed at sand, dimpled with the foot and hoof prints of the many that awaited his command.

The time had come. And those who had taken from him would bear the brunt of his wrath. Would experience true fear. Would understand his agony. And…would breathe no more…

You know, I really struggled with this image for some reason. I had originally wanted to go with a sweeter love theme, but my words kept leaning towards lost love, so I stopped fighting myself and went with it. Maybe it’s his body language, I’m not really sure. But this image had a story that was intent on being told, even if only a snapshot of that story.


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