Went glow bowling for my niece’s 30th birthday on Saturday night. Three games in two hours. Good times! It’s been awhile since I last bowled and I coulda sworn I was much better at it. Course, I did notice my game improved with the addition of spirits. Go figure. I thought about trying to bowl like Fred Flintstone – you know the way he bowled – he’d do the tippy-toe thing, the pirouette, then throw the ball…STEEERIKE! It works better in the cartoons…just saying.

Now, write on!

My son gave me this strange picture, as you see below. This was a toughy, but here goes!


Seeing is believing, yet they do not see. Layers upon layers of intricate labyrinths lay beneath the surface, yet they blindly accept face value. Fogged with delusions, the careful existence of man staggers drunkenly in ignorance, giving credence to blighters and liars. The dawning of hope dashed by inconsistencies and confusion, they spin perilously close to the edge, yet desire to be saved.

It takes only one to raise questions…to infuse doubt in a belief system…to effect change. Do not fear the unknown. Hold fast to that which sets us apart. Do not dither, or willfully follow those who bury their head in the sand. Ardently strive for more. Never allow them to dissuade or belittle you. Forge a new path and others will follow. Dreams and ideas can never be contained. Hope and love can be slighted, but never completely extinguished. Life knows no boundries, except those that we allow. Believe in yourself, and they will believe in you.

Strong words…inspiring words, yet still they wait…for someone else to step forward.

I often wonder where my thoughts will go when I write from these images. And I have to admit, I am very often surprised by the results.


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