Song of love

With so much happening in the world right now – the earthquake/tsunami in Japan – I honestly couldn’t bring myself to comment/complain/or joke about the weather here at home. In fact, if the weather was the worst thing in my life right now, I count myself as very fortunate. My heart goes out to Japan and my prayers are with them.

So, I’m just gonna get right into my writing exercise. Gonna take another shot at poetry. I found the following picture in the fantasy genre images. This image evoked a lotta thoughts.

Like a siren’s song,
on a peaceful night,
her voice so sweet ‘n’ strong,
to a sailor’s delight.

Upon the wind,
she entices them,
changing within,
even the strongest of men.

Face like an angel,
smile like the sun,
voice like a bell,
eyes as blue as the ocean.

Far and wide,
she’s known to all,
upon the tide,
she heeds their call.

When danger does befall,
they put their ear to the wind,
listening for their angel’s call,
to guide them safely in.

Her love for them infinite,
protecting them as her own,
to the sea they will not commit,
she always guides them home.

I went for the good thoughts with this image — wanted a positive message. Take care everyone.


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