The price

Spring is in the air! Well, kinda sorta. But it’s not -40C, so I’m happy with that. Although, with spring, flooding may be an issue. There’s a lot of snowfall all around us that may fill up the Red River and make it pretty uncomfy here. I may wanna get my canoe and hip-waders ready…

Okay! Let’s write!

Darkness creeps across alabaster stone, pressing back rays of sunlight. A chill settles, chasing away any warmth. The air falls still, stale and fetid. The ground shudders and moans as he rises from the earth, spreading distorted, broken and blackened wings, like angry spikes protruding from his spine. Black smoke spirals up and out all around him, stamping out the sun completely. A high-pitched screech, pierces the ears, drawing blood. Eyes, serpent red, glow beneath a dark hood. The power at his fingertips, crackles with intensity. He reeks of pure evil and burns with hatred.

They thought they could control him…to sentence their enemies to a gruesome end…but they were wrong. He feels no kinship. He does not hasten to any call. He does not abide by any rules. He feels nothing, except a burning desire to destroy…everything. They realize their mistake…too late.

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. The ground turns to ebony glass beneath their feet. Fire sears their flesh. They scream, but no one hears them. There will be no help. They brought down this fury upon themselves. Their city burns and crumbles all around them. The horrific irony of the situation is a lesson learned, but there will be no opportunity to practice the lesson. The true weight of their decision being felt in full magnitude.

Terror-filled faces turned toward the heavens; they beg and plead for mercy. How could they have known?

But, they should have known…that the moment they struck the bargain with something so vile, that their fate was sealed.

I popped back into the dark fantasy genre. The thoughts and ideas these dark images evoke are incredible.


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