Divine lies

So, the other day I was feeling chilled. It’s not that it is actually that cold here at home, maybe it was doing this writing exercise. Cuz honestly, I was freezing after I finished this one. Needing to warm up fast, I grabbed a blanket, turned up the heat a bit and imagined I was back on the beach in Jamaica….ahhhhhh. Then I opened my eyes, looked out the window and saw the mudsoaked plains that have become my yard, and reality crashed in…ugh…

Anyway, subject change! I do so love the colours in this image! Wow! Good and evil battle overhead of men below – shows the true fragility of man…

Surely my eyes deceive me, for I see the heavens open and angels appear.

Have I died?

But that cannot be…

I can still hear the howling wind ferociously rip at us. Feel the angry waves continously toss and batter our boat. I taste salt on my lips and feel it sting my eyes. I am soaked and chilled to the bone. My muscles burn and ache so bad they are beginning to seize.

No, I have most definitely not died. Yet, death is all around me. I see bodies cast about in snarling water and broken bits of timber slam against our small vessel. I hear the cries of men who’ve fallen overboard. My friends…my comrades…sickness engulfs me as the waves consume them.

Our boat teeters precariously on huge waves, then plunges steeply down only to be picked up again and again. The ocean, intent on devouring us too.

We are in the midst of something truely beyond our comprehension. If I were not seeing it myself, I would scoff at the teller of this tale. Though, it is unlikely that any man will repeat these incredulous events, for They do not see us. Or, perhaps it is that we are insignificant, and not worthy of Their attention. This truth is staggering, and gives me the desire to best them…to survive.

For this story should be told…I must get through this…I must tell it. So that man will know that our Gods have failed us…

Fantasy genre is so awesome – you can do anything with it! Love it!


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