I am so excited! I’m bettin’ that coming very soon will be the Easter version of Angry Birds! Just keep ’em comin’, Angry Bird game makin’ peeps!

I’ve decided to learn another language – I’m taking French. It’s so much fun! Up until this point, all I knew is what I learned on Sesame Street, and to be quite honest, it doesn’t get you very far. Course my husband thinks that you can get by on, “bonjour, mon capitaine” (from Q in Star Trek the Next Generation) – he figures if you know that line, what else do ya need? =o)

Well, you might need a canoe if you live in Manitoba. Some pretty nasty flooding going on around here. We keep hoping for no rain and no snow…fingers crossed!!

In this writing project, I tried something a little different; it’s a pyramid-type poem: one word to eight words, then eight words back down to one. I had a ball with this one – you gotta pay close attention to the word count and it still has to make sense. Love it!

Deep inside
Hidden so well
Ever changed by tragedy
Darkness hints beneath the surface
A facade indicative of broken dreams
Ravaged by unrelenting nightmares night after night
Revenge burning inside a heart gone ice cold
No fear of the consequences only strong conviction
Smile on outside to fool and captivate
Laughter faked with skill and ease
A dance with the devil
A soul lost forever
Such beautiful lies
Pretty deceits

It’s short, but it’s not about the length of these projects, it’s all about gettin’ ‘er done!


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