Darkness falls

My mother’s day was awesome! My kids spoil me. My son took me to see the movie: “Thor”, and my daughter baked me an amazing cake with palm trees, a blue ocean and lil Jamaican dudes dancing. I am so blessed. =D

Have you been watching the new series, ‘Game of Thrones’? All I can say is…WOW! What an amazing show. I can’t wait to get my hands on George R.R. Martin’s books…ummm, is it just me, or did that kinda sound weird. At any rate, I will read those books…oh yes, I will. =D

Anyhoo, this eerie image drew me the moment I saw it. With it’s tiny bit of light desperately trying to push through ugly clouds, while all the darkness presses it back. The following came to me.

The dawn is dead.
Fed to the darkness by liars, thieves and murderers.
No distinction between right and wrong – the line blurs into nothingness.
They hate.
They steal.
They kill.
And, the darkness comes.

The night creeps and crawls and slithers into every corner, into every crevice.
Searching and choking out the light.
It is silent.
It is invisible.
It is insidious.
It comes for us.

The last of the good hearts.
Too few.
Weakened by the constant night.
We battle what we cannot see or hear or even touch.
We are fragile.
We fall.
We die.
We are human.

We fight for humanity…or what is left of it.
And we can never stop.
For there is no one to blame.
We took the dawn for granted.
We betrayed.
We let ourselves be betrayed.
We should have done more.
We should have done so much more.
We failed ourselves…

My love for the fantasy genre continues to grow.


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