Live true

Another week rolls by and warm, dry weather seems hesitant to stick around. Good weather or not, the week rounded off quite nicely when I got the chance to go grade nine grad dress shopping with my daughter. Do you remember when the important grad was grade 12?? Not-so-much today. There’s a kindergarten grad, grade six, grade nine and grade 12 grad! Sheesh. My daughter and I had a blast, like we usually do. I’m very fortunate to be close with both of my kids. And, my daughter will look stunning for her grad. She tried on a bunch of dresses, but when we found the one, we knew we had to get it. She was completely put together with the dress, shoes, earrings, bracelet and purse and I got to say something that I’ve never said before: “We’ll take it all.” Made my credit card smoke, but was worth it! =D

For my next writing exercise, I wanted to write something with an inspirational edge. They always make me feel good. I wrote the poem before I got the image, so I hope they work! Check it out.

Life is to be lived…truly lived.
Love more, live more, be more.
Be ready to give more, receive more and feel more.
Never ask more from anyone that you wouldn’t give yourself.
Falter not.

Understand what it is to truly live.
Fight for what you believe in.
Follow your dreams.
Be passionate.

Focus on what’s important.
Dismiss the insignificant issues.
Find that thing that drives you.
Give it all you’ve got.

Harbour no hatred.
Forgive all transgressions.
Let go of the past.
Look towards the future.

Breathe deeply.
Truly see the world.
Truly hear the world.
Allow yourself to feel all that is around you.
Be open.

Give the heart what it wants.
Love with everything inside you.
Say what is in your heart.
Be true to yourself.

Yup, it definitely makes me feel good.


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