So, I’m back on moat-duty.  There’s a whole lotta work left to do.  Had a great, sunny, warm weekend and moved what looked like a mole hill pile of mud, that strangely felt more like a mountain.  How does that happen??

At any rate, my name came up in an article written in the The Winnipeg Review by Anita Daher, writer and editor extraordinaire!  It felt great to see my name along side some of the greats.  And encourages me to push harder to see the “Pretty” series back in print.  Just do it, KC!
Speaking of ‘just do it’, I was surfin’ the Net and came across this amazing picture.  It was the image in the mirror the young woman is holding that really got me thinking and I came up with the following:

Takes the beast by its shrivelled heart
Pressing back evil
It falls prey to her charms.
Eyes of green
Lips so soft
Hair, red as fire
Skin, pale as snow.
No rhyme or reason
She unbalances the scales
An angel vs a devil
Beauty possesses him.

The Beast
Fathomless darkness
Festering hate
For nearly a millennia.
Eyes of red
Razor sharp teeth
Face of nightmares
Talons and scales.
Light penetrates the darkness
Splintering malice
Spreading warmth
Waking emotions long since thought dead.

Beauty and the Beast
Good overcomes evil
Light shatters darkness
Love conquers hate
Beyond all comprehension
A divided reflection blurs into one.

Can love truly conquer evil?  I think we would all like to think so.


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