This week has been an interesting week – amazing weather, Game of Thrones finale, and we were adopted by a lil kitty – you know, important stuff.  =D

The weather this past weekend was phenomenal! I tossed aside all thoughts of work and enjoyed it completely. Went to the park on Saturday and tweeted all about it. What fun!

Game of Thrones finale this past Sunday was soooooo awesome! I love that show. How do they expect me to wait until spring 2012! Is this some kind of archaic torture! Ugh! ….well, at least I got the books, so there. =P

We were officially adopted by a lil kitty that wandered into our yard about a month ago. We kept telling it to ‘go home’, but apparently it was home. She is now my son’s kitty and he named her Phoenix. She is the most snugly cat I have ever met.

For my writing exercise, I did something a little different. I know I usually write dark fantasy genre stuff, but I felt light, so I wanted to share that. Enjoy!

Do you know love?
Has it found you?
Has it shaped you?
Has it made you more than you thought you could be?

Do you dream of love?
That goal that drives you,
That face that haunts you,
It’s yours already.

Do you see the love?
In the eyes of children,
In acts of kindness,
In friendship.

Do you hear the love?
In laughter,
In a whisper,
In your heart.

Can you feel the love?
It surrounds you,
It changes you,
It is you.

I believe true happiness begins within; then radiates outward. And, it’s contagious! ❤


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