Brilliant Execution

On vacation and it’s awesome! A beautiful cottage, blue skies, birds singing, temperatures raging, and a lake with a beach to cool off in. My mornings consist of a beach run, then coffee and breakie on a balcony. Life is goooooood. =D

Summer hasn’t been too kind to us in central Canada, so when the weather is generous – all bets are off for doing anythin’ else! Bring it Mother Nature!

The only downside to my holiday, was the hazy smoke filtering in from some forest fires in Northern Ontario. Narsty. Hard to breath. Then yesterday morning, a thunderstorm washed it all away. Smoke be gone!

So anyway, believe it or not, my daughter and her friend were discussing insanity (teens talk about the strangest subjects…lol), which sparked the idea for this writing exercise. But you know what they say, crazy is as crazy does. Enjoy!

Oddly familiar
Yet unknown
Sinking feeling
Artfully grown.

Doubt planted
Paranoia grows
Anxiety peaks
Insanity shows.

Screams echo
Trapped mind
Slipping farther
Final bind.

Reality spins
Dizzying pace
Crazed eyes
Blank face.

Whispers taunt
Shadows crawl
Brilliant plot
Mighty fall.

I’m feeling a lil crazy now! Need to get back to my holidays. =D


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