Phase two of my holidays is goin’ exactly as planned. =D

The week has been awesome and busy and fun. The hubby had a blast on a camping trip with his bro, and I spent time with my amazin’ daughter and some really great friends.

My daughter and I always have so much fun together, she’s as crazy as I am. We spent one day mall shopping, visiting the best store on the planet; ‘Teaopia’ – we spent as much time in there as we did in the rest of the mall!

The next day was a museum day at the Manitoba Museum, Planetarium and Science Gallery.

In the MB Museum we hung out in a bat cave; played eye-spy in exhibits; swam with the tall ship Nonsuch; got freaked out in the creepy town when we realized we were the only people left in the museum cuz it was after hours and closing (you do NOT wanna get locked-in overnight in a museum!). (O_o) Just sayin’.

We saw a Beatles laser show at the Planetarium – a first for both of us. Good tunes, dry ice and dancing lights – awesome!

The science gallery is filled with these crazy cool things like an anti-gravity machine, a meteorite you can touch, pulley chairs, sound wave dishes, you can even build lil Kinex cars and race them! So much fun!

I spent the next day at Starbucks with my friend Sammy, catching up and talkin’ shop (writin’ stuff). =) She is one smart lady and a fantastic writer. She always gets me psyched to write.

Yesterday, I went poolside with my buddy Valerie and my daughter. Nothin’ like hours of warm weather, great conversation and yummy goodies. Valerie has even begun to write! You go girl!

I’m still on holidays until Tuesday and I plan to make the most outta every minute! Woot woot!

For my writing exercise, I woke up yesterday morning with this first line, ‘I am trapped by the darkness of my soul’, running thru my head and it inspired the following poem:

I am trapped by the darkness of my soul.
The cold emptiness prevails upon me, whispering madness in my ear.

I am trapped by the endless labyrinth that is my mind.
Towering walls encase me, confound me, distorting my perception of reality.

I am trapped in this useless vessel of skin and bones.
My feet propel me forward, yet I stumble about drunkenly, aimlessly, my purpose unknown.

I am trapped by a span of narcissistic dreams.
The ugliness of my thoughts hold me hostage, beneficial only to me, yet I find no pleasure.

I am trapped by a masochistic world.
Tortured by hypocrisy, my senses bleed intuition that fails me.

I am trapped….with no hope of escape.

The first thing my hubby said when he heard the poem was “deep”. LOL. Perhaps it is, cuz I definitely dug deep for this one.


2 thoughts on “Trapped

    • Thank you! Enjoy my web site. More posts are on the way.

      None of the images are mine, I just find images online that either fit my poetry, or I find an image I like and write something about it.

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