Close to the Bone

Welcome to my new WordPress blog!

Guess what I’m doing?

If you said holidays, sadly, you’d be mistaken. But thanks for playin’. =D

I kid.

Nope, not on holidays, but I admit, I let my mind participate in the holiday mode on a regular basis, even when I’m not on holidays. A happy mind is a creative mind. At least that’s how I roll.  =D

I’m back at work playin’ catch-up, but it’s all good, cuz I actually do love my job. Call me crazy.

This week was my first ‘in water’ dragonboat practice. The boat stayed upright. We stayed in it. It was a great practice! Woo hoo! Okay, we’re not that bad. In fact, we do pretty good. We haven’t won any races, but the team is phenomenal; they have such spirit. For me, paddling for a cure for cancer hits home; I lost my father to cancer. So I paddle for him and for everyone else’s father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, etc. It’s not about winning the dragonboat race, it’s just about putting my heart and soul into every stroke of the paddle.

Paddles up! Take ‘er away!

So, here’s the thing, last night I was pondering some ideas for my writing exercise and I got to thinking about the inner struggle with goodness and darkness. Because I tend to write with a darker feel, I love to explore this very conflict. It intrigues me, cuz it creates such multi-layered, complex characters that you can both love and hate. My exercise captures a glimpse into that turmoil. Enjoy.

Close to the Bone

Standing on the precipice of heaven and hell
I’m deluged with darkness and light
The weight of the world presses in on me
Suffocating my fortitude.

My soul for sale
A battle rages within me
I tilt and sway
Neither here nor there.

The dawn is so distant
Thunder rumbles and I feel it in my bones
Lightning strikes upon the horizon
Filling my heart with dread.

Stripped of my vanity
I’m deluded with unprincipled valour
A smoking gun
With a twisted sense of honour.

Edgy and dangerous
My words, so close to the bone
Rock the pillars of morality
I am but a slave to indecency.

Goodness fights for supremacy
Instilling the presence of mercy
That could very well be my downfall
And demise.

Goodness has no place here
Darkness plies me with sweets
Temptation breathing life into me
Which I cannot ignore.

I cannot fail
Yet I do
I cannot fall
Yet I do.

I am faced with a startling reality
I am human.

For more poetry by some amazing poets, check out: dVerse Poets Pub

I am very pleased with WordPress. I’m gonna blog with this site for a bit and if all goes well, I will move all blogger posts over here. It’s already so much better in so many ways! Thumbs up so far! Woot!

11 thoughts on “Close to the Bone

  1. Have no fear, goodness will always win. And there is no fail, really.

    Love is reigning. And your poem is full of passion.

    Sweets are pretty tempting as plied by darkness, gonna have some Almond Joys later. And enjoy every bit. 🙂

  2. Ah yes…the eternal struggle that we bleed to pages for the world to see. I think it’s wonderful how a writer can embrace that darkness, while maintaining a hold on the light as well. Your piece sums it up for many, I’m sure…and paddle with all your heart (the lighter side) 😉 Truly enjoyed your leadup as well. I love getting to know the wonderful souls behind the words!

  3. to be human is to have both sides…nice write…i used to write all happy posts until a couple years ago when i embraced my dark half and let it come out at times…

  4. Sometimes we have the best intentions and noble goals but we still fail. Such is life, we can only do our best.

    One day, we will also come to pass. Like this:

    I am faced with a startling reality
    I am human.

  5. Loved this. Such stark (and dark) imagery. I could really feel the internal angst, yet the last line “I am human” for me concludes so positively. Great write. Look forward to more.

  6. you’re pretty good if you wrote this just as an exercise, putting yourself into a situation without really being there – tight write for sure. loved what you wrote in the intro…lost my dad to cancer as well when i was 17

  7. Thank you all for the amazing comments! I’m so glad that Daydreamertoo invited me to check out dVerse. I’ve got some catching up to do; reading some amazing poetry by others and putting in my 2-cents. This is awesome. Love it!

    I have more poetry on Blogger that I will be moving over to WordPress and sharing with dVerse. I actually hadn’t written any poetry for years and just started up again lately. Recently, I used my blog for writing exercises that morphed into writing poetry. Some of my writing exercises can be quite dark, but that’s one of the things I love most about being a writer – exploring the deep recesses of my mind and sometimes is ain’t pretty. LOL.

    Thx again everyone!

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