Fruition of victory

Crazy busy these days with too many projects on the fly.  End result – nothing gets done!  Ugh.

For this writing project, I gave myself a little challenge: the first words had to begin with the letter ‘F’, and each line had to have three words.  I think it turned out pretty good.

Focus on today
Forget the past
Fear no more
Fight your demons
Futility slips away.
Face life head-on
Factor in obstacles
Find strength within
Fulfill your destiny
Follow your dreams.
False prophets mislead
Fake friends discourage
Family is indifferent
Frightful reluctance arises
Faltering your steps.
Fashion deaf ears
Fixate eyes ahead
Fend for yourself
Forge boldly forward
Failure’s no option.

Final decision made
Fervour fills you
Fewer doubts prevail
Fiery passion drives
Finally, you’re there.
Footing deeply entrenched
Forward thinking blitz
Fabulous feeling inside
Forever, it’s yours
Fantastic is success.


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