Autumn Flair

Look at me!! I’m blogging again. Happy happy days. Blog slacker, be gone!

Autumn is in the air. Well, technically, it still kinda feels like summer, but who’s complainin’!! Wowza! Yesterday, Winnipeg reached an all time high of 31C. Autumn is officially my 2nd favourite season. Oh yeah. =D

I’m happy to say that both my kids are well situated back in school. Is it wrong to be so happy?? =D

My daughter is loving high school, getting involved in everything she can. We spent last night at an hour long meeting for the high school curling team. She’s on the junior and ladies curling league, as well as the high school team. Can we say momma’s gonna have no life — hello chauffeur. Ahh, well, comes with the territory.

My son started the first of many courses he will be taking on his journey to becoming a paramedic. Momma’s so proud!! You go, Jay!

The other day, while enjoying this amazing weather, my daughter decided she wanted to join me on my daily run. I warned her that I will prolly slow her down (she’s a long distance runner on the high school cross-country team), but she was determined to run with me. It was a great run, keeping pace with her was a lil tough, but I did it. Was a personal best moment, if I do say so myself.

So, anyway, with the leaves changing colours and falling off the trees, I was definitely feeling some poetic energy. Which is good, cuz I’ve been poetically stunted this last little while. I hope you enjoy my lil word-soiree.

Autumn Flair

Red, orange, brown and yellow
Leaves brand the blue sky
Igniting the heavens
With vivid high definition colour.

The air, crisp and clean and cool
And smelling earthy
As the fallen leaves bow their heads
In preparation of a long winters sleep.

The sun smiles and bathes the earth
With beautiful tendrils of light
And a warmth that envelopes the soul
Propagating love.

A season of infinite change
Obvious to the eye and felt in the soul
As can only truly be done
With autumn flair.

For all my Canadian friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving long weekend!


4 thoughts on “Autumn Flair

  1. This is not only a beautiful poem! It is a must beautiful fall picture. Thanks for sharing it with me. The fall out in Kentucky is wonderful also, and we get pictures like that one also. You really are a good poet 🙂

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