So Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone. I’m full of turkey and pumpkin pie and well rested. I got in some awesome Angry Birds playing time — which is ultimately the most important thing on my Thanksgiving long weekend agenda. Oh, yeah. =D And I saw the movie, “Real Steel” — LOVED IT!!

For this weeks exercise, the line “carved-out words with a poison pen” got stuck in my head and inspired the following:


Carved-out words with a poison pen
Venom drips from a blood-red tip
And pools upon deep mahogany.

This toxic essay, reflective of a hidden agenda
Woos me, torments me, inspires me
To taste of the darkness that is my soul.

Words spin and tumble in my head
Desperate to be free
But are held behind iron bars of polite society.

Whispered half-truths, deafening to my ears
Sparkle with the ugly glitter of compliance
My forked-tongue silenced.

Censored by walls that contain me
I tear at the bindings
Determined to set myself free.

Let the spoken word flourish
Let the written word bear fruit
And let polite society be damned.

I’m keeping things short and sweet. That, and I got nothing…slow week. Take care!

For more poetry by some amazing poets, check out: dVerse Poets Pub


8 thoughts on “Toxic

  1. funny…my OLN post last week raised some eye brows in my ‘community’…i even got a talking to on being so risque…ok lets be real it upset some church people…and you know what, that is ok…if we hold our tongue always we will never speak…

  2. A very interesting take on political correctness, I think. Or would that be societal correctness? We spend so much of our lives trying to stay within those boundaries, trying to satisfy the masses. But sometimes you just have to kick back and tell the masses to go please themselves! There is a point where the tea kettle just begins to whistle so slightly, maybe its cap rattles just a bit, and then that’s when you know it’s time to speak your mind…… So I agree. Let the written word be fruitful, but not just for the sake of shock or harshness….. but to actually be fruitful…. well written……

  3. A good take on personal censorship. I flashed on the stir at the time of the last line of “Gone With The Wind”..the censors nearly didn’t all “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”..Of course she shut the door with “Tomorrow is another day.”..nevertheless we’ve come a long way toward freer use of words. More of the times, it’s as you say we hold ourselves back. This was well put together and well stated. I think between our last topic of Taboo and the “other” viewpoint, the dVersepoets are coming way out of the censorship. Well done!

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