I think winter is trying to sneak in the back door when I’m not looking, cuz there was snow on the ground yesterday.

Say what!

I say; NO SNOW!

Okay, like anyone listens to me, especially Mother Nature.

Anyway, the curling season is under way for my daughter.  She played a game in her junior league — and won!  And she played a game in her ladies league — didn’t win that game, but her team gave those ladies a run for their money!  She makes me so proud.  =D

Now, for this week, ‘Life’ is a topic that rears its head with me every so often.  There are often things in my own life that trigger certain poems – I usually just call that ‘inspiration’.   =)

Enjoy the read.

Life is uncertain
Filled with highs and lows
We can either coast through it
And accept what life throws at us
Or we can carve out our own destiny.

Life is perilous
I refuse to accept despair
I will push and pull and claw my way out
I will feel the sunlight on my face
And leave the darkness far behind.

Life is choice
No one controls me
No one can dictate what I can or cannot do
No one can destroy my dreams
Unless I let them.

Life is precious
Each day is a gift
Do not take it lightly
For as easily as it is given
It can be taken away.

For more poetry by some amazing poets, check out: dVerse Poets Pub


10 thoughts on “Precious

  1. Brrrrr… don’t be talking about that… shhhhhh… don’t want any here not til at least mid April next year 😉
    Good to see your bog up and running now! Fun when folks come and read and comment too eh!

  2. An insightful reminder. The last stanza bears much importance, it is given and it can taken away, and you never know when. Much is to be cherish and not be wasted. Thanks for your poem.

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