Fields of gold

Lately, I’ve been feeling more pride than usual for the farming community.  My job is agriculture related.  Much of my family are generational farmers.  In fact, check out this crazy cute picture of life on my aunt and uncle’s farm:

This pic always makes me smile! =D

Because of my ag-musings, I decided to write something in honour of these amazing people — our farmers.  Kudos to their strength, hard work and incredible hearts.

Fields of gold

A vast sea of golden grains
Softly swaying in a gentle gust
Combines work in the distance
Kicking up thick clouds of dust.

Days begin at dawn
And run late into the night
Harvest so very dependant
On the weather treating them right.

Farm life is a hard one
So many elements of the unknown
Every day is a new challenge
But it’s a life to call their own.

Farms persevere for generations
Built on pride, blood, sweat and tears
The reward outweighs the difficulties
Giving them the strength to carry on each year.

Giving credit where credit is due
Stand with hearts and hands unfurled
These people are our nation’s pride
Their endeavours feed the world.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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