The following is a revised version of a poem I wrote when I was about 17 years old.  I couldn’t find the original, but I remembered some of the lines and wanted to revive it.

I hope you enjoy!


Friendship at Christmas
Is the best gift of all
It doesn’t cost a penny
And has a size to fit all.

It’s easy to wrap
No paper, ribbons or bows
And easy to deliver
With cheer, and pink cheeks & nose.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving
And far better than something off a rack
Cuz every time you give it
You always get it back.

Friendship at Christmas
Fills your heart with good cheer
Has no expiry date or return policy
And grows stronger every year.

So share the best gift of the season
A true gift of the heart
And if it never crossed your mind to give
This is the perfect time to start.

Happy holidays to you and yours!


2 thoughts on “Friendmas

  1. Ka wa ee! I love your site! Friendly and warm. My blog is a lot more serious for now. I have to get through this memoir and then I can open up a new world for myself and readers. I look forward to that day! Happy New Year!

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