Unleashing the worst in ourselves for the sake of the written word.  Sounds ominous, but as writers, we do this all the time.  Create dark, exciting stories that the reader can safely be a part of without the worry of any repercussions.  Sweet deal?  I’d say.  Check out the following, and let’s skirt the dark side together for a lil bit.


I fear nothing
at the cost of everything.
The city bitterly weeps
blood-filled tears,
turning the streets crimson.

Fires rage,
torching the sky,
scorching the earth,
burning the very essence
of man from existence.

I move,
under the cover of night,
amidst a haze of grey smoke,
sight unseen.

My blade
is my companion,
moulding beautifully to my hand,
its weight perfect.
Perfectly deadly.

They will remember this night.
They will remember my name.
For like the flames
that lick at the heavens,
I will sear my revenge
into their very souls.

They will know fear.
They will know pain.
And like me,
they will never forget.

I’m very intrigued by the fantasy art that I come across.  They inspire me to delve deeply into the darkness and pull words from that abyss.  Sometimes when I see an image, the words just tumble free.  Other times, I need to study the image, and think:  what is this image saying to me?  The best part is that it will speak to me differently than someone else.  I tend to think about assassins, war, revenge, you know, the sweet and fluffy stuff.  Where others, might see an angel of mercy.  Not that I don’t see the possibility of an angel of mercy, but she will definitely be kicking some butt in my version.

So I wonder, why the need to write about darker subjects.  I think I’m fairly normal (although, that could be up for debate by some =P ).  So what is the draw to the dark side?  Sure, Darth Vader makes it sound good.  And, I’ve heard they have cookies – hey, I’ve seen the bumper stickers too.  So, what’s the allure, on both the writer’s and the reader’s part.  Stephen King said it perfectly in his book Danse Macabre:

“It deliberately appeals to all that is worst in us.  It is morbidity unchained, our most base instincts let free, our nastiest fantasies realized…and it all happens, fittingly enough, in the dark.  King goes on to say, “…as lifting a trapdoor in the civilized forebrain and throwing a basket of raw meat to the hungry alligators swimming around in that subterranean river beneath.  …. It was Lennon and McCartney who said that all you need is love, and I would agree with that.  As long as you keep the gators fed.” 

And he would know, cuz he’s definitely the “King” of horror.  Oh yes, pun intended.  So, standing on the precipice of light and dark is normal?  Well, that does makes me feel a bit better then.

Let the darkness reign free!  But let’s keep it to pen and paper only.  Um’kay?  =)


5 thoughts on “Scorched

  1. Loved the poem, KC! You should try the 30-day poetry challenge next year, since the current one started at the beginning of April.

    As for the darkness, I think those that write about it are safer to society than those who hold it all inside until they explode. That just creates serial killers! lol

  2. Good post. why not share some atmospheric observations based on the people you know or see around your way? Put ’em on your blog. I’d love to read about them.there’s something mysterious about a lone farmstead or grain silo seen in stark, sharp relief against a late afternoon sky. I know you’re in Winnipeg. (write about that…..midwestern cities have a certain, buttoned down mystique) ….Prose poems snapped from life……just saying.

  3. I love the dark side…..we ALL have one. Doesn’t mean we are evil. 🙂

    Dark thoughts can sometimes overcome us, but we can also use them to transfer them into positive actions and emotions. They can also give us some clues as to what’s going wrong with our lives, and help us turn that corner.

    Just a few of my thoughts. Great one, KC!

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