Towards the sky

I truly enjoy taking long walks. Especially when those walks take me along the river. I’m always inspired. There’s a few things going on in my life of late, and many times I find that I turn my face towards the sky, taking comfort in the beautiful endless blue and the warmth of the sun. On a recent walk, as I looked towards the sky again, the words “towards the sky” hit me, and a poem just started to flow. I immediately sat down on a bench and hammered it out. So, the following is what transpired from that moment. Enjoy!

Towards the Sky

One door closes
another opens
if only
you’d let yourself see.

Hanging on tight
to what you had
blind to all
that lays ahead.

So afraid
of all the change
to stumble and fall
to turn the page.

Take a breath
and give it one more try
it’s all right there
just take hold.

You are so strong
I am so proud
I have faith in you
even if you don’t.

You are not alone
I’m here for you
so take my hand
I’ll never let go.

Dreams are made
by what’s inside
so turn your face
towards the sky.

Close your eyes
and feel the sun
let it warm you
and fill you with hope.

One step at a time
you don’t have to run
just move ahead
and don’t give up.

You’ve got it now
I knew it was so
there’s that smile
I’ve been waiting for.

fills your soul
never look back
only forward.

No more doubt
no regrets
one door closes
and one opens wide
let yourself inside.


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