Beautiful Dreamer

Lately, I’ve been inspired to write and it’s a very good feeling.  I love when creativity takes flight within me; it feels like a kaleidoscope of colour and light spinning through my head, almost dizzying.  When I breath life into a poem, it’s like a movie unfolding before my eyes and I gotta get it written down.  The following image inspired the following poem – Beautiful Dreamer.  Enjoy.

Beautiful Dreamer

Unscathed by humanity
Or by complexity
Or by darkness.

So vivid of colour
So sweet of smell
So bewitching to the ears
So tangible to the touch.

Softness of breath
So peaceful
So safeguarded
So effortless.

Existential anxieties
Fade to warm simplicity
A dawning of sheer delight
In the birth of love.

Such is the beautiful dreamer
Such is a child…


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