Synaptic Odyssey

I’m sure it’s pretty obvious by now that when I write I love to play with words; utilizing the ones that tickle my creative fancy. Call it a quirk. Call it ingenuity. Call it pretty much anything you like. Then just kick back and enjoy my latest piece.  😀

Synaptic Odyssey

Raw, twisted contemplations
contort and malign
the sheer elegance of humanity.

Fed by malcontent
and harboured self-loathing,
it pays homage to sinister delusion.

Phantasmagorias set the synapses firing riotously
almost painfully,
acutely carving striations into the cortex.

erroneous statistics,
faulty philosophies,
dire envy,
fanciful desires.

A synaptic odyssey
into the mire of perfect imperfection,
deep-seated in an intolerant mind.


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