Gilded Walls

I was relaxing to some music and as it often happens to me, a song can set words tumbling around in my mind and I must put pen to paper, or in this instance, fingers to keyboard and just let the words flow.


Behind these gilded walls…
I cannot find peace.
They surround me
Tower over me
Blanket the sun
Steal my breath away.

Ragged pain strikes me down
Shattering coherence
Leaving me weak.
My knees bloodied and bruised
I struggle to stand
Shaken to the core.

Behind these gilded walls…
Erected to save me.
To keep out the darkness
To stave off the whispers
To fend off the pain
To keep chaos at bay.

Isolated and alone
Mine own lies scald my ears
And rip at my throat.
Demons within flourish

Filling that which was once filled with light
Quelling the beauty of my heart.

Behind these gilded walls…
My soul begs to be free.
Fists beat upon cold stone
Cracks splinter and writhe
Light pierces the darkness
I feel its warmth upon my face.

The walls shudder and moan
And crumble all around chaotically.
Amidst the settling dust
The darkness fades to light
And a soul…is reborn.


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