KC Oliver

KC Oliver

I was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada, where summers are hot and winters make you wish for the summer again. I have always loved to read and write. The first books that caught my imagination were the Nancy Drew mysteries. I loved the way Nancy would always find herself in the middle of a mystery and of course bring her friends along for the ride. I have to admit, writing about things that go bump in the night is always fun. But add teenagers, their sense of humor, and their sense of adventure and you have great fun!

I had a great time writing Pretty Pretty, and I have a lot more creepy tales hidden in the dark recesses of my mind, just waiting to break free onto the pages of a manuscript. Ideas can be a funny thing, coming from the strangest places.

One of the most common questions people ask a writer is: “Where do you get your ideas?”

I don’t know about anyone else, but my ideas come from a squat, gargoyle-like muse that sits beside me when I work and drools green slime on my keyboard.


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