Gilded Walls

I was relaxing to some music and as it often happens to me, a song can set words tumbling around in my mind and I must put pen to paper, or in this instance, fingers to keyboard and just let the words flow.


Behind these gilded walls…
I cannot find peace.
They surround me
Tower over me
Blanket the sun
Steal my breath away.

Ragged pain strikes me down
Shattering coherence
Leaving me weak.
My knees bloodied and bruised
I struggle to stand
Shaken to the core.

Behind these gilded walls…
Erected to save me.
To keep out the darkness
To stave off the whispers
To fend off the pain
To keep chaos at bay.

Isolated and alone
Mine own lies scald my ears
And rip at my throat.
Demons within flourish

Filling that which was once filled with light
Quelling the beauty of my heart.

Behind these gilded walls…
My soul begs to be free.
Fists beat upon cold stone
Cracks splinter and writhe
Light pierces the darkness
I feel its warmth upon my face.

The walls shudder and moan
And crumble all around chaotically.
Amidst the settling dust
The darkness fades to light
And a soul…is reborn.



Good morning!  I felt inspired and went with it.   Yup, yup, the day is looking up!


Darkness comes
Mired in crushing obscurity
Poaching mindlessly
A gaping maw on a feeding frenzy.

Derelict and discarded
Radiance withers and recoils
Scrambling to far corners
Trembling and bewildered.

Whispers waft
Like icy fingers upon warm flesh
Taunting senses
Scattering fragile reality.

Vaporous thoughts
Ambiguous dreams
Distorted lexes
A rendering of defective intellect.

Teetering upon razors edge
Vile ignorance assaults senses
A sentence of inadequacy
A life desperate to be saved.

Synaptic Odyssey

I’m sure it’s pretty obvious by now that when I write I love to play with words; utilizing the ones that tickle my creative fancy. Call it a quirk. Call it ingenuity. Call it pretty much anything you like. Then just kick back and enjoy my latest piece.  😀

Synaptic Odyssey

Raw, twisted contemplations
contort and malign
the sheer elegance of humanity.

Fed by malcontent
and harboured self-loathing,
it pays homage to sinister delusion.

Phantasmagorias set the synapses firing riotously
almost painfully,
acutely carving striations into the cortex.

erroneous statistics,
faulty philosophies,
dire envy,
fanciful desires.

A synaptic odyssey
into the mire of perfect imperfection,
deep-seated in an intolerant mind.

Beautiful Dreamer

Lately, I’ve been inspired to write and it’s a very good feeling.  I love when creativity takes flight within me; it feels like a kaleidoscope of colour and light spinning through my head, almost dizzying.  When I breath life into a poem, it’s like a movie unfolding before my eyes and I gotta get it written down.  The following image inspired the following poem – Beautiful Dreamer.  Enjoy.

Beautiful Dreamer

Unscathed by humanity
Or by complexity
Or by darkness.

So vivid of colour
So sweet of smell
So bewitching to the ears
So tangible to the touch.

Softness of breath
So peaceful
So safeguarded
So effortless.

Existential anxieties
Fade to warm simplicity
A dawning of sheer delight
In the birth of love.

Such is the beautiful dreamer
Such is a child…

Towards the sky

I truly enjoy taking long walks. Especially when those walks take me along the river. I’m always inspired. There’s a few things going on in my life of late, and many times I find that I turn my face towards the sky, taking comfort in the beautiful endless blue and the warmth of the sun. On a recent walk, as I looked towards the sky again, the words “towards the sky” hit me, and a poem just started to flow. I immediately sat down on a bench and hammered it out. So, the following is what transpired from that moment. Enjoy!

Towards the Sky

One door closes
another opens
if only
you’d let yourself see.

Hanging on tight
to what you had
blind to all
that lays ahead.

So afraid
of all the change
to stumble and fall
to turn the page.

Take a breath
and give it one more try
it’s all right there
just take hold.

You are so strong
I am so proud
I have faith in you
even if you don’t.

You are not alone
I’m here for you
so take my hand
I’ll never let go.

Dreams are made
by what’s inside
so turn your face
towards the sky.

Close your eyes
and feel the sun
let it warm you
and fill you with hope.

One step at a time
you don’t have to run
just move ahead
and don’t give up.

You’ve got it now
I knew it was so
there’s that smile
I’ve been waiting for.

fills your soul
never look back
only forward.

No more doubt
no regrets
one door closes
and one opens wide
let yourself inside.


OMG, I’ve crawled outta the woodwork and posted a blog!  Wowza!  Where have I been?  I’ve been asking myself that very question.  Where did the time go??  I swear I was only gonna take off a couple weeks, then BAM, months blew by.  Ugh.

Anyhoo, winter was actually pretty amazing, but I have to admit, I’m still glad it’s over.  Bring on summer!

My daughter’s curling season is over too, but she wowed us by winning three trophies this year!  Including club champions!  Dat’s my girl.  =D

So, in my home resides a veritable zoo – a bunny and two cats.  Okay, maybe to some that may not be a zoo, but my house is rather small, so it certainly feels like a zoo.  Phoenix, the newest addition, has a personality all her own.  She loves to eat — anything!  And I mean anything.  Recently, when I was washing the dishes, she plopped herself right next to me and meowed at me like she wanted something.  So, thinking it would be funny, I took a handful of bubbles and put it on her head.  It actually was rather funny to watch her contort to get them off, but what surprised me is that she ate the bubbles!  What??  Yah, I kid you not!  Now every time I do dishes, there she is, waiting for her serving of bubbles.  Yup, dat’s my kitty.

Now, getting to my writing project, I tilted to the darker side.  Wait…me, dallying on the dark side — big surprise.  LOL.  Enjoy!


I am darkness
Flawed and tormented and dangerous.
I am bent
Perhaps even twisted
But not broken.
Bereft of love
My heart is black as night.
I struggle with a sliver of humanity.
It haunts me
And I despise it.

It flaunts itself
Sickly sweet kindness
Dripping with sarcasm.
Only fools believe in humanity.
Hidden behind scars and apathy
I have no use for it.
It has never served me well.

Hatred smoulders deep in my belly
Quelling all claims to humanity.
I prefer it that way.
My eyes, soulless
I am an empty vessel
Put on this earth for one purpose;
And if I die today
Hell awaits me
…and I welcome it.


The following is a revised version of a poem I wrote when I was about 17 years old.  I couldn’t find the original, but I remembered some of the lines and wanted to revive it.

I hope you enjoy!


Friendship at Christmas
Is the best gift of all
It doesn’t cost a penny
And has a size to fit all.

It’s easy to wrap
No paper, ribbons or bows
And easy to deliver
With cheer, and pink cheeks & nose.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving
And far better than something off a rack
Cuz every time you give it
You always get it back.

Friendship at Christmas
Fills your heart with good cheer
Has no expiry date or return policy
And grows stronger every year.

So share the best gift of the season
A true gift of the heart
And if it never crossed your mind to give
This is the perfect time to start.

Happy holidays to you and yours!

A lil Christmas ditty

Life of late has been crazy! Between work and getting ready for Xmas, my daughter’s curling and Xmas get togethers, writing took a bit of a back-burner. It just so happens that I had to write a silly poem about one of my bosses here at work for a get together. I figured, what the heck, I’ll post it.  😀

Wrote a lil ditty
And it goes like this
I’m feelin’ a lil shitty
Cuz I’m not into Xmas.

I was told I gotta write somethin’
About my boss, Louise
So it got me to thinkin’
They made this way too easy.

Suspicious of the sick
She won’t give me a hug
Tells me to “Stay away!  Ick!”
Cuz I’ve always gotta bug.

Sharp and witty
And a lil nasty too
She tells you like it is
No cryin’, boo-hoo.

But let’s face it, she’s great
I love her to pieces
I’ve said all I’m gonna say
Except of course, have a Merry Christmas!

She liked it! LOL. And she is awesome.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe holiday!

Fields of gold

Lately, I’ve been feeling more pride than usual for the farming community.  My job is agriculture related.  Much of my family are generational farmers.  In fact, check out this crazy cute picture of life on my aunt and uncle’s farm:

This pic always makes me smile! =D

Because of my ag-musings, I decided to write something in honour of these amazing people — our farmers.  Kudos to their strength, hard work and incredible hearts.

Fields of gold

A vast sea of golden grains
Softly swaying in a gentle gust
Combines work in the distance
Kicking up thick clouds of dust.

Days begin at dawn
And run late into the night
Harvest so very dependant
On the weather treating them right.

Farm life is a hard one
So many elements of the unknown
Every day is a new challenge
But it’s a life to call their own.

Farms persevere for generations
Built on pride, blood, sweat and tears
The reward outweighs the difficulties
Giving them the strength to carry on each year.

Giving credit where credit is due
Stand with hearts and hands unfurled
These people are our nation’s pride
Their endeavours feed the world.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

All hallows

It’s Halloween! A spooky and fun night for all. All the lil ghosts and goblins visit, excited about the treats they will get. I bought full-sized chocolate bars and they were all gone by 7:30! Wow. Good times!

In the spirit of the night, I decided to write a lil something. Enjoy!

All Hallows

The sun sets
Darkness falls
The moon rises
Casting shadows.

Spirits stir
Whispers fill the night
Wispy fog rolls and creeps
Stirred by air so crisp and light.

Costumes adorned
Turnips and pumpkins with faces carved
Bonfires burn full and bright
To ward evil off.

Door to door
To beg in guise
“Soul cakes for the dead!”
To aid them in their journey into the afterlife.

Have a safe and wonderful Halloween!