Positively Negative

Today, Canadians go to the polls. Democracy is such an awesome privilege! Every vote counts, so don’t forget to cast your vote!

My mom participated in an art show of local artists this past weekend and it was a great success! Even though the weather sucked. I mean seriously, how can it be 21C one day, then 3C and raining the next day, then -3C and snowing the next. It felt like we experienced three seasons in a weekend! Ack! Anyway, one of my mom’s painting titles inspired me to write my next piece — Positively Negative — where all that is negative, has a positive spin.

Night is day
The dawn guides the way
No is yes
The absence of guess

Sadness is happiness
Exhilaration fills us
Hard is easy
Simple effort is pleasing

Down is up
Scaling heights, never stop
Long is short
Distance, our consort

Ice is fire
Burning hot, we aspire
Crazy is sane
There is no one to blame

Old is new
Rebirth reigns true
Black is white
Darkness shifts to light

Bad is good
It saves, as it should
Hate is love
Fine line, needs but a shove

War is peace
Freedom, an ingrained belief
Death is life
Filled with wonder and beauty, not strife.

I love it when a plan comes together. =D


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